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Portland Identity Theft Lawyers

The technologies that have made it easier to connect with people and conduct transactions have also made it easier to steal personal information or forge documents for criminal purposes. As a result, Oregon’s identity theft statutes have been revised and broadly applied in combating the problem.

If you are accused of identity theft or certain cybercrimes in Oregon, you may face felony charges and even a presumptive prison sentence under Measure 57. The experienced defense lawyers of Levine & McHenry LLC can explain where you stand and capably represent you in court proceedings or negotiations.

Identity Theft · Credit Card Fraud · Forgery

Our lawyers practice exclusively in criminal defense. They know the law and the viable defenses to identity theft charges, and they understand how white collar and property crimes are investigated and prosecuted. As a result, they can tailor your representation to the unique facts of your case to achieve the most favorable result.

Identity theft is defined as possessing another person’s ID or personal data for the purpose of obtaining a benefit you are not entitled to. It does not matter if the person is deceased, or fictional, or consented to the misuse of his or her identifying information. You can be charged for merely possessing a person’s ID, before any theft or fraud has occurred. A more serious charge of aggravated identity theft may apply if multiple IDs or a high dollar amount is involved. If you have prior convictions, you may face minimum presumptive sentencing as a repeat property crime offender under Oregon’s Measure 57. If the alleged crime was committed through the U.S. mail, over the Internet or by phone, you might also face federal mail fraud or wire fraud charges.

For law enforcement purposes, the following may be charged as identity theft:

  • Stolen credit cards or buying stolen credit numbers
  • Unauthorized use of a credit card or ATM card
  • Possession of someone’s driver’s license or Social Security Card
  • Stealing someone’s mail
  • Selling or possessing fake IDs
  • Forged checks or stolen checks
  • Forged documents (immigration papers, phony credentials)

Our attorneys look for opportunities to dismiss unfounded charges or exclude evidence. We always prepare for trial but keep open the option for a negotiated resolution, especially when a conviction would trigger Measure 57 penalties. We also have a good record in criminal appeals.

With state and federal authorities cracking down on identity crimes, you need proven defense. Arrange a free consultation with our Portland identity theft attorneys. Our firm serves Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas and surrounding counties of Oregon.

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